Jul. 9th, 2016

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July 4

After spending the day largely working on Comic Con stuff, we went to my in-laws for barbecue and fireworks. The neighbors were off doing their own thing, so the other guests were Andy's roommates, Christa, and Jon Smith's brother/half-brother? Ray Jay. Then we drove out to the trail and watched three separate fireworks shows from the hill.

From 2016

One of said shows was directly blocked by this magnificent palm tree. Science did pretty well with the fireworks, but they were also a pretty good distance.

I'd like to watch from the park next year, but based on what I remember from last year, I'd want to go with a group or something.

July 7

My in-laws finally went on their hot air balloon ride. Finally. We pooled our money last October for Dez's birthday. She tried to cash in on the ride in April, but the winds were too high. Then the Doerners said they wanted to join them, but were traveling for a while.

From 2016

So, this isn't my picture, but there they are. They invited us over to see pictures from their ballooning ride, this weekend. I'm kind of lukewarm about going. I'm happy they went, and would love to see their pictures... on Facebook. Danne doesn't really curate his pictures, otherwise.

I mean, I know that our Japan slideshow took roughly an hour to get through if you were listening to us narrate it in person, but that's why I also cut it into a music video.

July 8

Alas, I didn't finish my Diane dress, or even start on the bracer. But at least the bodice front and skirt are assembled, if not attached to each other. I have to gather the skirt, first, which is not my favorite thing to do because I have to do it by hand. I mean, I have a ruffler, and it even works fantastically with my machine! But I don't know what setting I could use to ensure the waist would end up the correct length after ruffling. It's really more useful for curtains or would be useful for not pre-cut embellishments.

From 2016

King, however, is all ready to go.

Gamey Stuff

I've been sucked so far into CocoPpa that I made it its own tumblog. So from this point on I will likely continue my capping and ranting over there. I feel like I need to cap it because one day they might shut down their servers, like Japan Life, and I will want to know where all my time went.

I've also downloaded the other two apps in the Runaway Games family- the Flutter: Starlight folks. So I now have Flutter (original) and Splash (their undersea collecting game). I'm a lot more casual playing Flutter than I am Starlight... I think I just like the night mood better. I mean, they're all pretty casual time-based games and are relaxed enough that I don't feel any kind of urgency to buy in-game currency even for time limited events (though the last moth in the Yanada set has annoyingly slippery wisps). But I tend to check on my moths and underwater buddies more often than the butterflies.

Unlike most of the people I know, I'm not playing Pokemon Go. I was at first amused by the many PSAs that appeared on my tumblr dash, but, good lord, the car accidents. :( Ben said that saw a "best of" thread (probably on Something Awful) that included a photograph of someone catching a pokemon in the path of an on-coming train.

I just never really got into Pokemon. My sister was the one into Pokemon, also Tamagotchi. I think I was more into the Sims... but I kind of stopped after 3 and quit the mobile game shortly after I got into Japan Life the first time.

Song of the Deep looks really cute. It's been a while since I've played that style of game.


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