Jan. 21st, 2017

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(Backdated for organizational purposes)

Highlights include:

Crown installation! The two root canals I had at the end of last year/beginning of this year were capped permanently. I miss my old dentist. Dr. P- is okay, but Dr. A- had really good attention to detail. She'd never let me leave her office with carbon on my teeth from evening out my bite. Also, where the temps felt too rough and fake, the crowns feel too smooth and fake. I am hoping that with more chewing they will even out.

Recording studio is fully unpacked. I bought a "real" desk to use in it from Target. It's still an mdf top, but the finish is nice, and it's on a steel frame. Plus it was on sale for $60 and SO MUCH BETTER than the shitty $30 desk from Amazon. It's attractive, has more surface area and the shelves are not awkwardly positioned. I was originally just going to install a shelf and add a sliding keyboard tray to it, but I like this solution better. I think I will still probably look into installing a sliding keyboard tray later.

I have too much stuff! Though the recording studio is unpacked and almost fully decorated, too, my office is not. I have too much stuff and not enough furniture, so currently a lot of my overflow is sitting in boxes on the bed of the guest room.

We bought a curio! We'd been to Weatherby's looking for a bed frame and headboard... and decidedly the majority of the furniture was too stuffy and old-fashioned for our taste... except for this amazing curio cabinet that reminded me vaguely of the entrance to Nakano Broadway, on the way to Mandarake. It's arched at the top and though the frame is painted wood (black, not orange), it's got a mirrored back and the shelves are glass. And we mused over it the first time we saw it, because it was the only piece of furniture in the whole store that we liked. So I'm not entirely sure why we thought we should go back there to look for a potential desk for Ben, when we'd have better luck at an office supply store. But we saw the curio, still standing there in the corner. And we wound up buying it on the spot. Which is kind of a big deal because it's the most expensive piece of furniture we own besides our glorious cal-king mattress. Seriously, we have a bigger budget for gadgets than furniture. But we had to have it. They covered the tax and shipping since we paid in full, but I feel like that's a thing that pretty much all furniture stores do. Still nice, considering the hefty price tag.

We tried a new steakhouse. It's the second local steakhouse (third if you count Roadhouse, but that's a chain) that we've eaten at. And I have to say, I'm starting to burn out on "Santa Maria" style grilled food. I mean, it's good, and arguably better than Outback, but sometimes I just want a cheap fake Aussie steak. Or, really, I just want the old options. Like, if Ben was in the mood for steak but I wasn't, I could always get the seared ahi salad. And I miss the bloomin' onion petals. It wasn't the necessarily the best, but they had their moments, it was well-priced, and I generally knew what I was gonna get.

And that was week three.


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