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July 13th, Katie and went to Shakespeare's Corner Shoppe and attended their Sherlock-themed tea.

But first, I went for a much overdue trip to the carwash. I really ought to go more often because Science is my co-pilot and there was a lot of fur. Anyway, while waiting for my car, I met this distinguished creature:

From 2016

Her name is Jasmine and she is 5 years old. She was super friendly. Pugs are so ridiculous!!

Afterwards, I made the drive downtown to Shakespeare's. I've been to the pub, but I had no idea their sister establishment also had a tea room.

From 2016

From 2016

From 2016

From 2016

The tower of goodies sitting before Katie was actually mine, because she had a gluten-free order, so everything got served to her, personally.

From 2016

From 2016

Ended the tea with trivia and a lemon syllabub. I did pretty terribly; the hostess said "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be rolling in his grave." On the other hand, the girl whose paper I corrected got the most answers correct and won a free themed tea experience. The next two are Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter, but seeing that their themed teas only happen on Wednesdays, it's unlikely that Katie would be able to accompany me to either because school will be back in session, and that's no fun. :P

I kind of wish we'd bring regular tea time back, until I remember that I'd have to make all those tiny sandwiches and sweet biscuits myself. Every once in a while seems fun, though.
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