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Yesterday morning, I dropped Ben off at the airport. He's in Florida right now for his interview. I'll be picking him up later tonight.

While he's been gone, I went and framed the art prints we got at Comic Con. I think it might be the quickest we've ever been about getting anything framed, but I only hung one of them because I didn't know where this one should go.

I mean, if it were just me, I'd want to decorate the whole freaking house around this print. It has all the candy colors I like, and a cute girl.

I'm feeling overwhelmed by my belongings, again... probably because if Ben is offered this new job, we'll have to move, again. I don't really want to buy a house again... at least, not if we're only going to live in it for 2-3 years. Ben thinks that if we move up north, we ought to just buy some land and do the tiny house thing. While part of me would totally be down for that, I do not actually want to live somewhere that far away from friends and family where I could not host guests. I know it's possible, but my temperament isn't really suited to living somewhere with minimal walls with a person other than Ben. And by the time you start considering two or three modules, you might as well just go for a house-sized house.


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