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June 28

I completely forgot it was Tau (2π) Day, even though I'd made a note of it in my calendar because it was also the day I took Science in for her heartworm exam. She made it all the way into the waiting room before she got remotely suspicious. While I was waiting for her to come back, the other two lab techs were talking about how Mademoiselle Pizzaz was the next appointment. I had wholly assumed Mme. P was a cat, but it turned out to be a tiny yorkie. Science was very interested, Mme. Pizzaz was not.

From 2016

When Ben came home, we celebrated Tau Day by going out to Claim Jumper and having two pies: a mud pie, and a cheese pie. Both were delicious, both were unfinishable in one sitting, both of them wound up coming home with us, and the mud pie managed not to melt.

From 2016

The mud pie was really big.

June 29

I don't have a pic of the day for this date. I had my follow-up with Dr. S to discuss how the contacts were feeling and I told him that contact-lens-out-o-clock happened around 5-6 hours, which is relatively short but pretty normal for me. He took a look see said they were sitting well on the eye, so I went ahead and ordered a year's supply.

Afterwards, I went to Daiso, just because it was still early enough not to get stuck in traffic on the way back. I bought a new earbud cord management doodad because I managed to lose mine on a hike with Science. The new one seems like it'd be more secure, and is in the shape of a biscuit, which I enjoy. I also got a back scratcher because I'd neglected to pick one up both times I went to the fair, a new organizer for my purse, and a set of carving tools that might be useful for future costume projects. I really enjoy that store.

Today, June 30

I put the last coat of Plastidip and first coat of paint on my warhammer, today:

From 2016

Unlike my husband, I put down a piece of cardboard for the overspray. He argues that it will grow out in two weeks, which is probably mostly true. Anyway, between coats, I played CCP and chatted with my new club. I enjoy not feeling like the oldest person in chat. In fact, I'm not the oldest person in chat! The subleader is the leader's mom, and the leader is also in her 30s. And at least one other member has tweenaged kids. I hope our chat didn't alienate our younger members.

Anyway, this is Ben's costume progress:

From 2016

He got his oversized vinyl sticker in, today, and now has to cut it.


I need to adult. I have a bunch of recycling and I should get my car washed, but I probably shouldn't do the car wash tomorrow because it's sharing the garage with costume debris and will probably just get dirty, again.

I also need to buy piping for my costume and get it cut out, because I've still got King's to work on, too. On the bright side, the cutting and sewing should go much faster because I've been learning how to cut faster and sew with minimal pins.

I'm a little bit worried that it's been over a week and my most recent book hasn't been approved, yet. I wonder if she's trying to figure out the kindest way to tell me my accents suck or what.

Observations on health, cut for potential tmi

My blood sugar control hasn't been great. It lowered significantly, then plateaued because we haven't been adhering strictly to the low/no-carb thing.

Frustratingly, while on the low/no-carb thing and exercise regimen, my weight also seemed to have plateaued. I'd been stuck in the same range for a month and a half or more, while exercising twice daily and following my diet.

Conventional wisdom says you need to exercise x amount to burn x amount of calories, and 1600 calories is roughly a pound. You can't eat too few calories, because your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to all your fat stores, or something like that.

Then it started getting hot. I was working at night, so I just wanted to go to bed as soon as I was finished and didn't want to take Science on her morning walk. And I stopped doing my evening stretches and crunches. I haven't even been doing hooping or poi. But I did continue to monitor my calories and stay around 1600, even on event days (though not so much Ben's company party). And I started losing weight again.

This quirk in my metabolism intrigues and frustrates me- that I am not exercising but I am losing weight. Because I feel kind of shitty about it- I don't feel shitty like "oh I ate too much pie I'm dying I'm never eating pie again," but I feel weirdly guilty that I am losing weight and not exercising. Especially since all of my doctors have said that exercise is supposed to help my body absorb my blood sugars correctly.

I mean my blood sugars are still slightly elevated, but not to diabulimic levels. I'm not pissing out ketones, last time I checked, so I don't think the sugar is getting misdirected and fucking up my kidneys. I haven't stopped taking my medication. I'm not dying of thirst or running to the bathroom frequently.

I dunno. Maybe I just let the weight drop and see if the blood sugar follows.

Lastly, I turned in my last audiobook significantly before deadline. I haven't heard back from the author and now I'm concerned that she hates my accents and just doesn't know how to tell me. I just want to move on to a new project. :'(


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