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I kind of miss living in the apartment in Lompoc.

I don't miss the actual apartment living aspect of it- that being the neighbors, and the gardener always blowing leaves back into the patio every Monday after I've put so much effort into sweeping it out, and having to do laundry in a communal laundry room that requires quarters. I don't miss any of that.

But I do miss having everything be within a 10-20 minute walk. And I miss living in a smaller space. Like... Now that I'm focused on skill hobbies, I look around my office and wonder why I have so much stuff. It was kind of nice, not having so much stuff. But then I think of the process of getting rid of my stuff and start feeling overwhelmed.

With Ben gone for work until next week, the house seems too big.

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Date: 2017-03-09 09:05 pm (UTC)
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Daniel and I haven't really mastered the downsizing/Mari Kondo way of thinking, so our next place is likely to be bigger rather than smaller... but oh man, do I ever feel you on the "things within walking distance" front. Until I moved out of my parents' place, I never really thought about how great it is to have just the option of shopping within walking distance and (this is key for me) SIDEWALKS. Oh my god.

Technically speaking we do have a convenience store that's within a half-hour walk of our house, but the lack of sidewalks for most of that route is maddening. I hate walking on the gravelly side of the road or on people's lawns, watching on-coming cars swerve into the opposite lane to avoid me and praying that there isn't an accident.


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