May. 2nd, 2016 03:18 pm
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April 19

Tried experimenting with watercolors. I've had the same box of Prang watercolors since I was a freshman in high school, so basically for about 20 years, now.

From 2016

Maybe if I'd used it up already, I'd be a better painter. ;P

April 23

Made this card for my little cousin J, who shares a birthday with my husband on the 27th.
From 2016

Anyway, I don't think I've seen him smile for a picture since he was maybe 8. He's a happy kid, he just doesn't like to smile for pictures. I tried giving cartoon J a big goofy anime smile, but then the picture didn't resemble him at all. :P

Also, I asked Ben to run out and pick up some food for Science. And he came back with this:

From 2016

Apparently, the church on the corner was having a rummage sale. He bought it for a whopping $5 and managed to shove the whole thing into my two-door Yaris hatchback. When I posted it on Facebook, Katie commented "Send him out for Windex, next, and see what happens!" Which my mom found so hilarious that she brought it up three times since then. Anyway, he reasoned that since it's $5, if he can't figure out what to do with it, we can just break it down. But the whole thing is so bizarre... and it's not really taking up too much space- it's in the corner by the DDR machine in the garage.

April 24

Had lunch at The Boiling Crab with extended family to celebrate J's birthday. I'd never been there before. Apparently, you order seafood/sausage/etc. by the pound. They bring it out in bags and the table is basically your plate. This was the only meal I had all day and I was still kind of full the next day. My auntie even sent us home with a pound of shrimp and sausage.

From 2016

These are Ben's hands after the experience. If there is any eating establishment besides Phil's BBQ that could benefit from a hand-washing station, it is this place.

Anyway, would definitely eat there again, though I probably want to wait a while if only to let them forget that my parents/aunts/uncles blatantly disregarded their "no outside food" signs, brought in cakes, and lit one of those crazy sparkling singing flower candles. Don't really want to be associated with being a rule-breaker/fire hazard bringer. I can't believe they did that.

But it was still very thoughtful of them to get a cake for Ben, too.

From 2016

Here's J and his cake. His expression is a little more extreme than usual, hehe. I didn't really get a good one of Ben because he was sitting next to me.

April 25

More watercolor experimentation.

From 2016

April 26

We decided to make Ben's birthday party Star Trek TNG-themed. I found this cup at the dollar store and wondered if I could pass it off as a horga'hn. I was planning on displaying it next to "The Fruits of Risa" party platter, but wound up passing on it, since I don't know that anyone but us and maybe Bob would have understood the reference.

From 2016

Also, I got my hair cut.

From 2016

I hadn't gotten it cut since December and it was long enough that I could put it in a little ponytail, which kind of bugged me. I really, really do like having it short.

April 27

It's Ben's (and J's) birthday! He didn't take the day off work since he planned for taking Friday off to prepare for his party the next day. But he did take off a little early so we could go have dinner at Intertwined.

From 2016

The last time we were there was for NYE. They had a special menu which included lamb chops and tiramisu... and it was crazy good. Alas, said lamb chops and tiramisu were not on the menu. But they still had a killer chocolate lava cake.

April 28-29

I don't have any pics for these days, but on the 28th I assembled Paper Picard for Pin the Combadge on Captain Picard. And the 29th, Ben did so much yardwork that we did not have enough green bins. And we have three overflow bins.

April 30

Party time!

From 2016

After breakfast, I baked a bunch of cupcakes and put up balloons and the last of our blue streamers. I'd gotten LED marbled balloons because they sort of reminded me of Jupiter in the photos. Alas, the real balloons were not quite as advertised, but still pretty cool.

From 2016

Unfortunately, the only ones who saw them glowing were me, Ben, Katie, and Bob, since most of the party happened during daylight hours. But, the LEDs were good for more than 24 hours rather than the 15 on the package.

From 2016

Ben picked up a block of dry ice for the "bloodwine" which was really Katie's mom's alcoholic punch. We still had a good chunk of it left after the party, so Ben and Andy tried exploding a rubber glove with it (failed because the glove kept untying). Then Ben threw a big chunk of it in the tank of the toilet. A few minutes later, he announced that he never wanted to pee in a toilet not filled with dry ice. /smh

From 2016

Almost everyone played Pin the Combadge on Picard, although we had forgotten about "hot/cold" rules and when to stop giving hints, so Bob had to redo his turn after feeling up the captain. Amazingly, he was beat out by Nicole, who did not have to feel up the captain, but I felt a little bad because she got motion-sick in the playing.

And now that the balloons have stopped glowing, I should probably take them down. :P
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March 26

Spent the morning working on what I could of Sheryl's running outfit without actually having Sheryl there to try it on. We were supposed to have dinner at The Boiling Crab with my parents for Sheryl's birthday (it's on the 31st but that's a work day). Alas, my parents came down with the flu so Ben and I took Sheryl to The Top of the Lexus (properly known as Vintana), instead.

From 2016

This is Sheryl laughing at me because I had a Black Rose cocktail and was apparently tipsy. She says when I'm sober, I'm like a cat (quiet and keep to myself). But when I'm tipsy I'm like a dog (interested in everything and overly friendly). I'm a lightweight.

From 2016

Vintana has the best popovers. They serve it with a tiny bucket of jalapeño honey butter and it's just fantastic.

From 2016

I was apparently very tipsy because I thought I'd ordered a pork belly something or other, but got a brûléed pork chop on top of braised Brussels sprouts and figs and sweet potato. Which was delicious, but not as tender as a pork belly. Sheryl and Ben said neither of them saw any such thing as pork belly on the menu, so it was definitely the cocktail ordering. Ha.

From 2016

We finished our meal with a mud pie (and complimentary birthday bread pudding). The above picture actually makes the mud pie seem much smaller than it was. Holy cow. But it was awesome and we demolished it, anyway.

March 27

On Easter, we had brunch at my in-laws'... and had to egg hunt. Without Andy, since he was coming for dinner. I was kind of hoping that Andy and Christa would join us, but then Christa is so good-natured she would probably totally be into the whole grown-up egg-hunt thing. Afterwards, we went home and I finished Sheryl's running costume for the Star Wars Dark Side Half at Disney World.

From 2016

From 2016

I don't know if I'd mentioned it before, but if you don't "get" it, it's a crossover of Rey from Star Wars and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I made her a water-bottle holder in the shape of a book since it would have been awkward to run with a staff or a basket. It's not as "finished" as I would have liked, but Sheryl liked it well enough. And I guess I'm pretty proud of it. It really looks like a book. You can open it to the front page like a book. But it's squishy and you can keep your keys/phone in it as well.

Yesterday, March 28

Ben has been complaining that we don't have a tablecloth for our table. We do- we have three, in fact. But we have to use two at a time when both leaves of the table are in for hosting and D&D. We haven't been able to find any locally that are the length of our table, and every time Ben has tried to buy one on Amazon, the options say they're sold out in the length we need. So I bought a bunch of fabric from Spoonflower and now we have a Legend of Zelda Tri-Force tablecloth.

I don't have a picture of it, but I'll post it next time as soon as I've cleared the table of my sewing stuff and put it on the table. Have to say, it's the most expensive thing I've sewn that wasn't a convention costume.
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It was my birthday, last Friday. As such, we got new tires for Ben's car. It sounds like a present for Ben, but it's really a present for both of us, since he does most of the driving and his car was getting super loud. It's still loud, but not super loud. Also, presumably my ancient vehicle will be retired before his, so I'll be inheriting his when the time comes.

Afterwards, he took me to the Cheesecake factory, which I'd never visited, before. I've had plenty of CF cheesecakes, but usually purchased from a grocery store. Anyway, I ordered the wasabi crusted ahi and a Long Island iced tea. They didn't card me, but I don't suppose they would, being that I had just turned 30 and it was noon on a weekday. Anyway, the wasabi part was tame for wasabi but had enough kick to be interesting, and the seared tuna steak was unexpectedly awesome. As for the "tea," I giggled all the way home and was sufficiently schnockered for at least another hour and a half.

Then Ben gave me my actual present, which was the large Intuos 5 I'd been eying. Apparently, it'd been sitting in his work office for a month. I'd even tripped over it assuming it was just something he had to set up for one of his customers. Ha!

Anyway, it's swell. On a whim, I started a webcomic. Okay, not so much a whim, since I've been thinking about it for a long time. It's one of those dime-a-dozen diary-esque ones, but it's mine.

Comic cut for width )

It will update here, though I imagine I will probably cross-post to lj, anyway.

Sunday was my park birthday party at the marina. It was super windy, so I didn't blow out a candle so much as the lighter as Ben held it up to the candle. That aside, it was alright. I funded almost half of my applelele and I got some cool stuff! A fun little surprise octopus mug and unicorn chopsticks from Katie and Bob, a mini DAL and G1 MLP keepsake box from Lauren and Kee, a cute lampwork jellyfish necklace from Ben's family, and a heart-shaped NASA keychain with a picture of us and Science in it.

Today, we're going over to my parents' house to send off my dad, who will be going to Asia to meet up with my sister. Then we're haded to Ben's parents' house for a labor day barbecue. I kind of wish we could just stay home, as we still haven't fully unloaded the party stuff and all I want to do is write and draw. I have something like the next 9 strips written, but it's still a matter of pacing myself. I feel like I had the same sort of excitement with SNH, and then pppfblt.
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Last Saturday, Katie and I celebrated our respective 30th birthdays by lunching at Extraordinary Desserts, then visiting the Birch Aquarium. We were originally supposed to have a beach day, but it was overcast, like last time. Go figure.

We each had a latte. Mine was Matcha Green Tea. I don't remember what hers was.

I ordered the Smoked Salmon Panini and Katie had the Tofu Club, both of which roughly looked like this:

Except hers had grilled onions peeking out instead of salmon and tomato. They each came with a side of purple potato salad, which is one of two purple foods (the other is eggplant) that I don't expect to be sweet upon tasting.

For dessert, we shared a strawberry raspberry coffee cake.

The coffee cake, Katie determined, is basically the new strawberry scone. The Extraordinary Desserts strawberry scone used to be moist and fluffy, like this cake, but has over time gotten more and more like a typical scone. Either way, it was delicious.

Afterwards, we went to the Scripps Birch Aquarium. Katie had apparently never been there before.

I took a bunch more photos which you can find here, but here are some of the highlights:

We easily spent an hour watching the giant bass floating at the top of the Kelp Forest exhibit. Apparently, they can grow to be 75 years old and 500 pounds and fishing them is illegal. This is possibly the only educational information I retained from this visit, since I am easily distracted by pretty colors. Apparently, there is a Kelp Cam, so I'm a little embarrassed to think that maybe someone on the internet might've heard the inane and totally unrelated conversation we were having about knitting sock credibility.

The above image is Katie getting finger-hugged by a sea urchin. Later, she asked if I'd ever touched one. This was the face she made after I told her that I made my own sushi and it was kind of creepy how they still try to crawl away even after you've cut them open and scraped out their gonads:

Alas, the photo's fuzzy because I had it on manual focus.

Tangentially, I am super excited for the San Diego Marketplace to open up. I hear the urchin lady will have her own stall! ;P

The leafy sea dragon is my favorite. I guess I'll end on that one, but like I said, I have a bunch more photos.
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Took Science to the vet yesterday to get her last set of puppy boosters. In two weeks she needs her rabies shot and then we can start taking her to dog parks. It was simultaneously cute and annoying that she wanted to latch on to every big dog in the waiting room, since she had just had a play date with Penny on Sunday.

They put her in a separate room for her shot, so she doesn't seem to have associated any bad feelings with me. I knew when it happened because she yelped a little, but she was just as energetic and excitable coming out as going in so things seemed copacetic. No swelling or weird reactions, and she was a pretty good dog the rest of the day except for the pooping and peeing in the living room, but I caught her so at least she's learning. Since we've started letting her have more run of the house, Ben finally conceded to teaching her how to use a bell to ask to go outside, so I've started her on "touch."

She horked a little this morning, but I'm not sure that's entirely the vaccine since she gobbles down her kibble. :( Now she seems fine.

What else, what else? Saturday was Katie's surprise party. I hadn't been updating my "thing a week" because the "things" I'd been working on were the tea set planters that were given out as party favors for her Wonderland-themed surprise party. Vanessa and Steph did an amazing job decorating and detailing and Monique prepared an amazing spread. I really should post pictures, but I only did pre-party picture taking and most of Leslie's are already on Facebook. This lj is seriously not fast enough for the rest of the internet. :\
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Last Friday, Ben turned 30. Alas, the day was mostly spent cleaning in preparation for the party we'd have Saturday evening... but we did make the drive to have dinner at Hong Kong Express. It wasn't fancy, but I swear that no Chinese place in Chula Vista can ever best Kim's orange chicken. It's perfectly crispy and perfectly sauced and there is just no other. Anyway, I managed to blurt out that it was Ben's birthday just before we left, and Kim and the waiter sang him Happy Birthday. Ben said his favorite part was the awkward pause and laugh, followed by Kim apologizing that she didn't know his name. I'm pretty sure she knows us as "orange chicken with fried rice, pan fried noodles with no pork, and two taro boba after the check," but that's not very appropriate to sing with the happy birthday song... Also, it's a mouthful.

As for his actual party, well... Ben had fun:

Almost everyone showed up at the same time, and on time, which kind of threw me off my game, which isn't a very good game in the first place because I don't generally like parties and find it rather difficult to socialize. Bob and Katie and Sheryl were awesome for coming early to help out. Sheryl took most of these pictures.

And now we have half a ton of leftover food, and a ton of leftover beer. I've already converted some of "the best burgers ever" to "the best meatballs ever," according to Ben. Gonna freeze the rest of the patties. Want to try making buttermilk potato pancakes with the leftover tater salad before it's too late and has to be tossed... we'll see. Ben wishes I would stop using leftover beer instead of cooking wine. This is what happens when you watch a lot of Chopped. >_>
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I had the good timing and opportunity to pick a copy of the Design*Sponge 2011 Summer Newspaper last weekend. I had just checked the blog that morning to discover that the D*S team had released a free, limited beta run of their seasonal newspaper. Coincidentally, Katie and I would be visiting one of the 25 distributing cities that afternoon, so I was able to scoop up one of the few copies remaining from the particular establishment we chose to visit.

This article plus my birthday being at the end of last month makes for an extra introspective me. Birthdays have always made me a little introspective, but this one is the last one of my twenties. It’s kind of weird, because if I map out how I perceived my twenties, it feels like I spent most of it with Mike, even though in actual time we were only very close for a bit more that a year or so. The years before that were kind of blurry and the year after, I met Ben. Then, one kinda whirlwind courtship later and Ben and I are married. On the one hand, I feel like Ben and I have been together forever (in a good way, of course), but in other ways it’s kind of a blur.

I can attribute this characterization of my twenties to that particular year being tumultuous and revealing for me. We did scary, new, emotionally charged things. Well, they were scary, new, and emotionally charged for me.. I can’t really speak on Mike’s behalf. I’m just certain that time was my coming of age. I’m still working on coming into my full potential, but it’s definitely a lot easier, now.

Currently, I’m just looking forward to the rest of my life. :)

Birthday breakdown after the cut.

Read the rest of this entry » )

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Sep. 3rd, 2010 02:14 pm
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I had very good 28th birthday, despite the mood I'd been in the week before. Ben and I had breakfast at the Original Pancake House, where I ordered a Belgian apple waffle a la mode and got my phone bombed with happy birthday text messages, pretty much all at once. Then he took me to Old Town, per my request, where we wandered for a couple hours. We left with a bag of huckleberry and peanut butter taffy. Besides kitschy tourist traps and tapping out your name on the telegraph in the Wells Fargo Museum, there's no better reason to go than taffy. Afterward, we had lunch at El Indio. I ordered a chicken tamale and a peach fruit burrito, and it was just like Christmas.

On the way home, I got a new phone (read: pocket computer). Loving Apple's interfaces as I do, you would think I'd be tempted by the iPhone, which is what my parents first offered me for my birthday, but to be honest, I hate the multi-touch keyboard, even though I love multi-touch technology. (The iPad disappointed me, deeply.) Furthermore, I was told I'd need to buy an app to make my navigator talk to me. So, why bother, when that kind of thing is already built into a Droid? Plus, GOOGLE, man.

So, I got the Droid 2. The X lacked a keyboard and is kind of a monster, size-wise. I mean, *maybe* the larger screen would've made multi-touch typing not so sucky, but it just wasn't appealing to me, over-all. The 2 was a good choice because it made reasonable improvements on what's essentially already a sweet phoneputer. Except for the whole "loud camera" thing. I don't mind it, though... to me, it says "it's working."

As for the app store, I wish there was an option to sort by rating. I think it takes a bit longer to sift through, but I easily found the Droid equivalents for the iPhone Hipstamatic. (In terms of functionality, it's RetroCam. In terms of options, it's Vignette.) I haven't really looked for any quirky music toys... but for now I'm pretty much set. Separately, I don't feel the need to load the sum of my music library on it because it also has Pandora. And now I won't be flipping between a paper calendar and iCal.

And I have a snappy purple cover.

Yeup.. pretty good. I was very heartbroken when Microsoft canceled the Courier, but I think for now I'll manage.

That said, if you need to call or text me, please use my Google Voice number, which you can get on my Facebook page, if we're friends.
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This totally sounds like a conversation I would have with Ben.

Now off to seek birthday waffles, to be followed much, much later by a birthday tamale and birthday fruit burrito at El Indio, and maybe for dinner a birthday salad just so I don't pass out from birthday diabetic coma.

Yep, my pancreas will be working out, today.

Did I mention it's my birthday?
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Got home a little while ago from Dave and Buster's. Andrew, of Robert and Andrew, celebrated his birthday tonight, although his actual birthday was on Father's Day. Ben complained that he's never in top form whenever he's given the opportunity to show off his DDR skillz, but he's still better than anyone in our party, or anyone who was at D&B's tonight, for that matter. Freakishly good. Even after a mudslide. :P

I won three plushies from the crane game, without spending a terrible lot of credit, either. It's only natural that when I go into an arcade I gravitate towards the game with the toys. One of them was a funny green Kooky which kind of looked like a pickle with pink hair, which I promptly gave to Andrew because it matched the googly-eyed pickle (surprise!) birthday card we got for him. The other two were white teddy bears. One of them was wearing a red negligee. I call that one Kinki, as a very vague nod to Castle.

Anyway, after tonight I decided I want to add an additional arcade day to our deferred Japan honeymoon. The ufo catcher prizes are better, or at least more interesting, in Japan. ;P

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to Sew Hut in Clairemont to get my MIL's sewing machine serviced. It spontaneously stopped advancing the fabric while I was working on Ben's and my Comic Con costumes. Rar. I pulled it apart a bit and cleaned up what I thought was the cause (thread jam around the bobbin), but it didn't help at all. Maybe a pro can also tell me what the rest of the knobbly knobs and doodads do.


May. 5th, 2010 01:56 pm
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It appears I have neglected posting on lj for about a week, now.. basically, since being bored out of my mind the day I had to report for jury doody.. so let's start with Ben's birthday. )

The day after Ben's birthday, jury doody was not particularly exciting, but I did finish another of Cat Valente's novels. )

Currently, I'm reading _Things_My_Girlfriend_And_I_Have_Argued_About_ by Mil Millington. )

A lot of my time, of late, has been devoted to the My Little Pony forums. The irony of it is that I initially joined with the intent of relinquishing all but the Comic Con ponies and my two favorite G1s. Instead, my modest collection has probably trebled in size since selling off the majority of my somewhat neglected G3s. A while back, I found the Crystal Rainbow Castle for a mere $5 in a thrift store.

Then, last week, I happened upon the Paradise Estate. )

I used it to stage one of my two entries in the Cinco de Mayo photo competition. Doesn't look terribly huge in the picture, but it is. Winning prize is a goody basket and choice of one of several Mexican G1 ponies. I'm eager to know the outcome, but no one's posted yet...!

The collecting is pretty much on hold until my wallet and website can catch up with it.

Tonight we're having Cinco de Mayo dinner at the MiL and FiL's.

I still have more to say re: my monthly review, but I'm kind of posted out already, so it will have to wait.
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made california rolls with ben last night. well, it was more like i made them for us and then he did the dishes afterwards. of course, it was only after we were 3/4 of the way done consuming said california rolls that ben reminded me of the set of sushi ware he'd given us. ::facepalm::

i'd planned to visit my mom yesterday but i got distracted because ben left his (room mate's) ps3 with rock band at our house and i wanted to try out the drums while there were no people around to make fun of my lack of rhythm. ben, russ, josh, hooper, and jac had come over to watch mike do his first solo open mic and celebrate his birthday with birthpie and rock band. i'd tell you more about the incompetent waiter, claudio, who soaked me with lemonade before refilling my drink and then disappearing for ten minutes, but then i'd be late for work. at least mike got a sombrero. :)

and it's my parents' anniversary today. i have to drive down to chula and pay back my sister. er. write her a check.

and now i have to go to work.
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happy birthday, [ profile] nebyoolae!
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there's a car parked obnoxiously in my spot. okay, so i don't legally have a spot, but i ought to. :P i probably wouldn't be so wound up about it had i not had a greater sense of entitlement, it being my birthday friday and all. also, the car has stupid blue leds flashing all along the front of it, as if to say "look at me, look at me, i'm parked in your spot! neener!"

our neighbors on the other side of our driveway, the ones with the tacky gold tassels strung across their red double doors, had a party. their windows were open and there were partly deflated balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling. around midnight, i could hear them out in the driveway laughing and chattering some extended goodbye.

anyway, it was an uneventful birthday for me. i woke up late, had shrimp cup-o-noodle, then went to my parents' house. while we waited for my dad to get home, i splurged and bought myself pj harvey's stories from the city, stories from the sea and stereolab's serene velocity from itunes. though usually i'm a pirate, if i think i will really like something, i shell out for it. even if it's just data. :P

i've listened to stories about three and a half times, now. i think that maybe she was in the same place emotionally then as i am right now, so i feel like i could benefit musically from it.

i've only listened to serene velocity once, but it's probably at a disadvantage because i'm enjoying stories too much.

we wound up having dinner at jyoti-bihanga. when i told my family it was a vegetarian restaurant, they were immediately skeptical, but in the end they enjoyed it a lot. my dad's awe and disbelief over the neatloaf was very amusing. in the end, he was really excited and declared that he and my mother should take mr. and mrs. p out to dinner there (they are vegetarian). it made me smile. when i was a toddler, mr. p used to hold ping pong parties every weekend at his house. his then-teenaged son had a waterbed, and i thought it was the coolest thing ever. when his son moved out of the house, mr. and mrs. p offered us the bed, but my parents declined. it had been very disappointing.

mr. and mrs. p used to have a number of fantastic guava trees. they used to let me pick the fruit. i can't remember the last time i bit into a fresh guava. i was probably eleven. that's when they still lived at the house with the guava trees.

at any rate, after dinner, my parents went to play table tennis and i went back to their place and packed a few more things before heading home. now, i have one more large box of things, a large box of books, the big brown bookcase, the small bookcase, the small vacuum, a binder or two of lyrics, and my guitars. as if this house needed any more guitars. ;P i still mean to restring and sell off my electric and amp, which probably won't go for much, since it was a used starter to begin with.

and that was pretty much it. oh, i still haven't opened the birthday present my sister got me. i suspect it's a book. i think i will go do that, now.

edit: it was stitch 'n bitch nation. haha, one of the models in it looks remarkably like the cute girl who frequently pops up on the front page of threadless.
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I know it's a little bit early to be making wishes, but I would very much like it if you delivered me a new toaster oven. My current one just died of mysterious circumstances. I don't need to be able to fit a pizza or lasagna in it, I just want a small one. Hell, it doesn't even have to be new, as long as it works. I use my toaster oven mostly to cure Fimo and shrink plastic. I was considering the craft oven, but the one I saw only heats up to 300o and I need mine to go up to at least 325o.

Thanks for your consideration.


Mar. 28th, 2007 11:00 pm
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I think this is the fourth or fifth entry I've started to write since Sunday, but I've decided I don't want to remember every excrutiating detail of my bout of weekend depression, or my disappointment with our open mic performances, this week.

Sunday was Russell's birthday party, and I'm glad I attended. I think it was good to be around people. The fog of angst and depression that had consumed me most of the weekend dissipated when Josh's car rounded the corner to pick me up. We were ridiculously early... such that the hostess and guest of honor had not yet arrived. We wound up huddled on the stairs, taking turns playing his DS until everyone arrived.

I was relieved to find it was intimate and informal. It made me feel comfortable and all the more special for being invited. There was videogaming and music playing and pizza eating and chocolate torte and key lime pie. Russell was sweet to remember and ask what confection I would prefer. I was, however, slightly disappointed at the absence of Naked Man Cake. ;)

I'd have to say that the highlight of the evening was when Josh caught the feral lizard occupying Hooper's bathroom. )

Though the lizard does not look nearly as menacing as its captor, it was menacing enough to send Robyn up the couch and me up the stairs. Just to be clear, once I knew for sure it was in fact a lizard and not a snake, I was not scared so much as squicked.

Among the usual suspects was Tank, Hooper's beau. I like him. The first time I met him, I found him terribly intimidating. Let's just say there is a reason he is called Tank. He's cool, though. I felt unusually compelled to give him a hug as we left.

Monday was open mic at Lestat's. That is all I will say on that.

Tuesday afternoon, Sandra and I went to the free museums at Balboa and then had a late lunch at Pokéz, the veg Mex place Rachel, Bryce, and I tried out earlier. Then we met up with Mike and Robyn at the boys' place, and headed out to E Street to audition at their open mic for a longer engagement. I wasn't 100% pleased at how it went, but it was good enough to score us a 90 minute gig at 8pm on Friday, April 6th (holy crap that's like a week from now), and another gig sometime in June.. possibly a morning/weekend thing. Nancy May said she was glad we didn't sound like the last 12 cds she bought and that we were "refreshingly unique." And a guy of arguable cuteness (I thought he was kind of cute, Sandra apparently did not) asked for our URL. Aww.

I have more to say, but it's late and I'm not ready to pull the drama tag just yet.

Before I go, though:

It's mine, now!! Bwahahahaha!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] nebyoolae!
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Although it's still the 7th in CA, it's already the 8th in MN, so..

Yeah. I'm going to go to sleep, instead of rambling on about how completely screwed I am ('cause anticipation is always worse than the actual thing.. jeez I hate this part). Seeya in a bit.


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