Jan. 22nd, 2016 07:58 pm
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From 2016

Wanted a burger for dinner but still trying to do the low carb thing and promised Ben that I'd use my free carb day for dinner at Godfathers with our parents at the end of this month, as a courtesy. We got burgers, anyway. Just not much else.

My blood sugars have improved, but I still need to work on getting more active to get to an ideal number. I would like to think I'm becoming a little more aware of my appetite- I'm less cranky because I'm snacking more, but eating less over all.
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Weight: 208
Fasting BGL: 195
Week’s Avg BGL: 180
Notes: I suppose the 87 of the previous post was a fluke, since my blood sugars since have been hovering in the 180s.  I need to learn how not to get swept along with Ben’s post coital sugar cravings.  It should be easier to say “no” and stay in bed than to put on clothes and drive out to get ice cream.  Besides, it’s only followed by regret, afterwards…

As for meeting with last week’s goals, I did not hoop every day, though I did hoop 5 out of 7 days.  The days I did not hoop were the days of the big San Diego fires- one of which I spent mostly in bed hoping I don’t get evacuated for not feeling very well.  I’ve only done one walk with Science, and a short one at that, mostly on account of the air quality being so bad and then just not picking up afterwards.  In terms of cooking for myself, I’ve done okay. Eating more vegetables and fewer carbs (for the main meals, anyway) and whatnot… it’s avoiding going out for dessert that messes me up.

Goals:  Remember it takes time to form habits.  It’s not a big effort if I start with small things, daily. Review and revise this list.  In the meantime, focus on these:

Continue hooping!  20 minutes is easy.  That’s all of the better songs on St. Vincent’s self-titled album. Or, 3-4 songs on my Nicki Minaj/Iggy Azalea Pandora station.

Take short daily walks with Science.  Once this is established, then we can start talking longer walks.

Say “no” to unplanned dessert. Stop. Making. Microwave. Cookies.  They aren’t nearly as delicious as properly baked ones and they are screwing up my blood sugar.

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I should look into getting a new full-length mirror.

Weight: 208
Fasting BGL: 174
Week’s Avg BGL: 162
Notes: I’m kind of upset about this morning’s fasting bgl, since I had good blood sugars yesterday ranging from 117-130 after meals.  I’m pretty sure the reason my bgl is high this morning is because I had brown rice and quinoa pasta for dinner.  And then, in a premenstrual fit of craving, a microwave cookie.  A microwave cookie made with one tablespoon each of brown and white sugar, and a quarter cup of flour (among other ingredients).  I don’t know what difference, if any, it would have made had I traded out the flour for almond meal.  Probably not much of one.

It’s making me wonder if I can’t really vary my diet and exercise schedule at all.  I had a lot of carbs (like, unregulated, I don’t know how many, but I know it was way more than I should have eaten) on Mother’s day, but my fasting bgl was not as high as it was this morning.  And I know roughly what I consumed yesterday and last night did not nearly compare.  This leads me to believe that exercising first thing in the morning is more effective in helping me manage my blood sugar than it is later at night.  Alternately, or additionally, I straight up shouldn’t have cookies anymore. :P

Which is an upsetting prospect right now, but probably mostly because of monthiness. :P

I did not do my 20 minutes this morning.  I tried to clear the yard of fallen branches, but the wind was too crazy and I wound up giving up, coming inside, and doing dishes, instead.  Plan to, tonight, though, and I’m going to see how taking my evening meds earlier affects me, if at all.

On the bright side, I think there was only one day I didn’t hoop last week, and I at least managed to take Science for her long walk.

Goals:  Daily: Hoop for 20 minutes. If not first thing in the morning, as soon as the sun goes down.  Short walks with Science around the block.  Monday, Friday: Long walks with Science. Diet: no more rice or pasta inside the house, even brown or whole wheat.  Substitute quinoa for rice.  Invest in a julienne peeler to make vegetable pasta.  We’ll leave whole wheat/sprouted bread in there, for now.  If craving sweets, eat some fruit or yogurt, or those flavored cashews from TJs.

In theory, I’d like to eliminate processed sugar from our diets. In theory.  I’m pretty sure it will help with my bgl and my energy.  Ben already thinks I’m going overboard wanting to get rid of the brown rice and whole wheat pasta… despite the fact that, thus far, I only want to keep it out of the house, not quit it entirely.  I think it’s probably fine, on occasion.  But if it’s in the house, it’s too easy for me to pick up and prepare… and that messes up my blood sugars.

So, I guess we’ll see.


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May. 8th, 2014 11:56 am
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Did my 20 (well, 35ish) minutes today. Focused mainly on on-and-off-body spinning with the heavy (well, heavier) dance hoop.  It’s a different feeling, after concentrating so much on small, fast hoops.  It also reminds me that I should do it more often, because my arm muscles are sore from doing isolations.  Need to build them up.

Also, I’m trying a new bread.  I usually get TJ’s whole wheat and flaxseed, which, in addition to being cheaper, is one of the more palatable whole wheat breads I’ve had.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in “sandwich size” and the last couple of loaves I brought home went moldy rather more quickly than I’m used to.  This week, it’s organic flourless sprouted something-or-other 7-grain bread.  I liked it as toast, but I think you could probably toast and butter most breads and I would like them.  It was harder to eat in sandwich format, but it did make for a more guilt-free pbj sandwich.  No added sugar in my pb or my strawberry preserves, so a total of 2.5 carb servings (previously recommended to me was 3-4/meal).  I could probably have a glass of real milk with that (but I didn’t).  The plus side is that the slices are sandwich sized and because it’s sprouted, it has slightly fewer carbs.  The negative is that it’s very dense and only marginally palatable.

I continue to have terrible high blood sugar, but I imagine it’s because we still went out to eat, last night. (Though, even after having <1 carb serving meals, my 2-hours post bgl was still 140.)  I did go grocery shopping, but after wrangling a classroom full of fourth graders, I was not very interested in cooking what I bought.  I should probably do something like cook/freeze a bunch of stuff over the weekend and then just defrost during the week.

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Yesterday evening, I started feeling not well.  Cusp-of-a-fever-not-well.  My blood sugar was through the roof, and I wasn’t sure whether it was the high blood sugar making me sick or the sickness making my blood sugar high.   The only unusual thing I could pick out diet-wise was that earlier that day, I had some sesame honey cashews. Even though I didn’t exceed the serving suggestion, it might have caused my blood sugar to spike. But the spike went way beyond what I would expect for a single carb serving- it was more akin to what happens after a day of gorging on processed sugar.  So.

The other unusual thing is that I switched over to almond milk.  I don’t have anything against regular dairy- I’m not lactose intolerant.  I just didn’t want to have to deal with counting the carbs in my milk.  I like having a pb sandwich with a glass of milk, but there are already carbs in the bread.  I’ve already stopped adding jelly and switched over to a no-sugar pb.  So I’m trying out some vanilla-flavored unsweetened almond milk, because if I’m consuming more carbs, I don’t want it to be through something as easily processed as a beverage.  (It’s carrageenan-free, btw, I checked.)

Anyway, maybe the almond milk is making me feel weird, too…?  Whatever I’m feeling is not a common reaction.  Too many variables to narrow it down, for now, really.

Almond milk is pretty weird. Maybe it’s just that the kind I got smells strongly of vanilla without really tasting like it?  It tastes pretty much like slightly nutty milkwater.  The way the I used to think fat-free milk just tasted like milkwater, when I fist switched over from full fat.  I eventually got used to it, to the point that when I tried whole milk in my Cheerios one day, it tasted like cake instead of breakfast.  So.. maybe I should give it a while ’til my numbers even out before trying it again? Meh.

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My husband was planning on doing the DIY version of the Soylent diet.

I found it kind of hard not to be judgmental about it. Particularly because I associate liquid diets with my abuse of them/lack of success with them in college. At worst, they are dangerous.  At best, they are a sham.

There’s also a layer of meaning within the word “diet” that I have to address.  I don’t like the verb “diet.”  The noun is okay- it just means “what one eats.” It seems that to diet should mean “to eat for nourishment,” but what it really means is “deprivation.”

Changing one’s diet to optimize one’s health should be a positive thing.  We eat for nourishment. Nourishment is nutritional, but it can be social, spiritual.  We have “comfort food.”  We celebrate with friends and family by feasting.  Food can be an expression of love.

So it can kind of feel like dieting is a rejection of that.

One of the reasons my husband explicitly cited for wanting to go on the Soylent diet was the removal of social connections from eating.

That definitely sounded like an outright rejection.

But I knew what he meant: when you eat socially, you tend not to mind what you are eating.  Plus, it wouldn’t have actually meant stopping social eating altogether. Because of the make-up of the product, it should have meant being able to better manage social eating.

Anyway.  My husband was planning on consuming only Soylent for a month, as an experiment.  I didn’t want him to, because of my aforementioned reservations, but I also didn’t want to tell him not to, because I know him to be a reasonable adult who generally makes intelligent decisions based on research and critical thinking.  After reading this article on it, I figured, if it works for him, Good! It’s less work for me. I’m probably not going to try it myself, since I like food too much to ever give it up completely if I didn’t have to.  Plus, I am enamored with my gorgeous French door refrigerator.  It would be a pity to leave it empty in favor of a pantry full of powder.  And why would I ever give up food, when even my exercise of choice is a bit of hedonistic pleasure?

He made it two days before the texture got to him.  He says he still wants to try Soylent(tm) when it comes on the market.  I probably won’t stop him then, either, but I will urge him not to buy a month’s worth of it.

(In my heart of hearts, I think I knew that someone who didn’t like bananas couldn’t possibly endure on a diet of watery nutritional grit. Alas.)

At least I have a new blender.

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I felt like I was starving, but did not have the perspiration and heart palpitation that usually accompanies my lows. So, I checked my blood sugar. Lo and behold, it is at 179, probably due to the half a candy bar I shared with Ben while we watched another episode of DS9. Why, oh why do I feel hungry when my blood sugar is elevated?

Anyway, here is a drawing of the Costco Polish sausage I wanted but did not eat.


I wonder if it’s really slight satisfaction I feel after drawing the picture, or if it’s just absorbing. The way I seem to not get hungry if I’m distracted playing video games. Anyway, I’m going to try to get my number down before dinner time, so I’ll go practice with my minis.

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Blood Sugar

Feb. 7th, 2014 02:42 pm
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Man, I find it perplexing that when my blood glucose has been consistently high (range in the 150-250s), I don’t feel it at all.  You’re supposed to feel tired and groggy when your blood sugar is high… I just feel “normal.”  When I dip into normal range, it’s often a result of an extreme drop, so I feel like I’m having a low.

Now that I’ve been consistently in normal range (80-140), I feel extra sensitive to lows or highs.  But I’m having trouble differentiating between the two.  For instance, I just recorded 164.. a little bit above normal.  I feel like I’m starving.  What I probably need to do is have some water, walk it off, and then if I still feel like I’m hungry, have some veg chips or a carrot.

What I want to do is eat a doughnut.

Instead, I will draw a picture of a doughnut on my Galaxy Note 2 and post it here.


Hm.  Still kind of want a doughnut, but I don’t feel like I’m dying to eat one, as I was earlier.

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Weight: 208
Fasting BGL: 77
Week’s Avg BGL:  137
Notes: Obviously, that is not a picture of me, but instead a picture of a kitten in a mushroom suit.  It is neither my kitten nor my photo.  But I didn’t have time for a full-length selfie before I had to leave the house so that the appraiser and the inspector could work in peace.  Not that I look particularly different than last week, even if the fiber/etc. is starting to kick in and my weight is slightly down and my blood sugar is significantly improved.  I’m now trying to figure out if I can wean myself from the glipizide completely.  My endo said that I should take it “as needed” if I’m eating “extra” carbs.  But I’m not always sure if I’m eating “extra” carbs, and sometimes it doesn’t even matter because they’re lower on the glycemic index.  I can eat a Greek yogurt with the same amount of carbohydrates as a shortbread cookie but the shortbread cookie will put me at 160 two hours later, whereas the yogurt will leave me at 130.  Goals for next week: stay the course.  Also maybe squeeze a practice video in.

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I have a couple of vegetable dishes that I prepare.. usually involving sauteing some variety of vegetables and putting them on a bed of quinoa.  It’s often some combination of zucchini, mushroom, sweet potato, garlic, and onion… lightly seasoned and sauteed in butter.  Not a lot of butter. Just enough so Ben will eat it.

To prepare the quinoa, I toast it dry for about 5 minutes (“until it smells ‘nutty’” according to some recipes), then add two parts water and boil until the quinoa is relatively fluffy and the water is boiled away.

Apparently, I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time.  How was I supposed to know? My end-result looks like pretty much every other picture of quinoa you might find on the internet.

Anyway.  Last night I decided I was going to cook Chicken Adobo, because it’s been a while since I’ve done it and I wanted to use up some of the meat in our freezer.  Growing up, I’ve always had Chicken Adobo served with a side of white rice.  Well. Everything was served with a side of white rice, which is probably one of the factors that lead to me being a diabetic.  So, while I could have served it with the teeniest side of white rice (which would have ended with a morning spike, anyway), or a slightly less teeny side of brown rice (which still would have cause a spike, but not as extreme), I decided to pop some quinoa in the rice cooker.

Quinoa? In the rice cooker?

My sister is the one who told me of this trick… which should have been an instant “DUH” because if you boil rice and steam vegetables in a rice cooker, why not?  Well.  I am never going to cook quinoa in a pot again, because quinoa out of a rice cooker is so much more fluffly and delicious than I could ever get it out of a pot. Yes, Fluffly.


And now I don’t have to worry about it burning it! So amaze!

I guess I would probably ruin rice, too, if I tried to cook it stove top. Haha.  But anyway. It was so good with the adobo. I’m looking forward to having the leftovers for lunch. Which is the time it is now. >_>

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Weight: 209
Fasting BGL: 116
Week’s Avg BGL: 147.8
Notes: I am pretty stoked about this morning’s blood sugar, even though my week’s average has apparently gone up… the reason being that I had a damned hearty dinner that I prepared, myself, last night, so it means I know how to cook right.  I imagine my number would have been even better if I’d actually stopped when I was satiated rather than when I was full.  I’m still struggling on that point.Read the rest of this entry  )

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Salad Days

Jan. 14th, 2014 01:44 pm
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I don’t eat a lot of raw salad.  Part of it is that when I’m preparing meals, I’m usually doing it for me and Ben… and Ben likes caesar… which I find to be the most boring salad ever.  Plus, by “likes,” I probably really mean “tolerates.”  Ben also likes a nice house salad loaded with croutons, cheese, and thousand island dressing, but I think it’s not so much salad as it is a vehicle for croutons, cheese, and thousand island dressing.  So, while I generally like salad, I don’t really do it at home.

Personally, I like salads with a lot of color and texture.  Salads with bits of fruit and nuts that don’t depend on heaps of dressing to taste good.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot more ever since I added Chopped to my DVR.

At the company New Year’s Party Ben and I attended, they served a lovely salad: arugula and radicchio over two slivers of a bosc pear, sprinkled with gorgonzola and pomegranate seeds and dressed with a creamy vinaigrette.   There was a spicy cracker on the table that I assume was meant to be crumbled over the salad, but I wasn’t a fan, so I left it off.  I didn’t particularly like the creamy vinaigrette, either, but it worked with the salad.

So, when I was at Trader Joe’s and saw they had a Champagne and Pear Vinaigrette with Gorgonzola… well.  It’s my new favorite thing.  A dash of this over a bowl of their “Les Salades du Midi Sorrento,” a spoonful or two of pomegranate seeds, and a crumbling of bacon bits makes the “quick and dirty” version of this salad.

Anyway.. that’s mostly what I wanted to get out.  If I go to the regular grocery store, I tend to get intimidated by the Great Wall of Dressing.  I very rarely remember what brand and type of dressing I liked by the time I’m ready for a new bottle- it’s usually a raspberry and some-nut something or other… and then I wind up getting the wrong one.  I suppose that’s why I started defaulting to TJ’s- quality over quantity.  More ideas within grasp, rather than nebulous options.

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I still have the residual congestion and sore throat from the cold I reported on last week, but the good news is that it’s the worst only in the early morning and late at night- so when I’m lying down and during cold-extremes when one stuck with a cold would expect to suffer most.  I’m up and about… and my voice is mostly back.

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Last week, I made it a goal to document relatively healthsome recipes that I can prepare in less than half an hour.  I think I find the prospect a little overwhelming because, in my head, I’m also taking a fabulous picture of a plated meal and noting all of my modifications… and I wrote recipes (plural), implying that I would bang out a bunch of them.  Which, obviously, I did not.  So, I think I’ll just start with brainstorming.

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I am glad to report that my weight has not changed since my previous “vanity update.”

This is actually untrue. Despite not wanting to be obsessed with numbers, I need to focus on some kind of marker to signify change, so I check my weight every morning before I shower and most nights before bed.  I absolutely use “fit” as an alternate signifier, but most of my clothes generally feel clingy or flow-y, since my wardrobe consists mostly of girly tees, yoga pants, dresses, tunics, and leggings.  I’m fairly confident in my sense of fashion (it may not be de stijl, but I wear what I like and what I think looks good on me), so to say “I rocked my outfit today” doesn’t really reflect how I’m doing in the area of health.

All of that said, between the vanity update, where I assumed my weight would bounce up a couple of pounds from the sudden drop it took between it and the last “real” update, and now… well, my weight did bounce up to where I thought it would go. But then it gradually went back down again.

I suspect this up and down happens because I eat out more often during the weekend and when I have classes.  When I have a particularly rowdy class, I feel exhausted and starving afterwards, so it’s dangerously easy for me to over-eat. The rest of the time, I’m not stress-eating.  I have more time to devote to exercise, and am a little more mindful of what’s I’m eating.

At the beginning of this blog, I’d mentioned I was averaging 45 minutes of dance. Now my activity levels are more like 1-2 x 30 minute walks with the dog, daily, plus 45-60 minutes of hooping with double minis and 15-20 minutes of single on and off-body hoop dance on most weekdays.  The weird thing is, I think I do stay awake longer than when I’m sedentary.  I know people say you have more energy when you exercise, but it seems so counter-intuitive.

All that said, I guess my goals for next week are to keep doing what I’m doing.  I also would like to focus some posts on cooking, since I don’t consider myself a particularly good or patient cook, so I want to start listing the recipes I can whip out in 30 minutes or less, just in case I hit a wall about what to prepare for dinner.

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Oct. 9th, 2013 09:15 pm
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Typically, I take a 30 minute walk with the dog prior to getting in some “flight time.”  When I was not hooping, I would walk two miles with her every morning, but I got bored of that.  So we walk for 30 minutes, because that’s what I can stand to do and still come home feeling motivated to do anything else.  A 30 minute walk with the dog feels like a good warm-up to 30-60 minutes of hooping.

But lately, it has been challenging for me to prioritize hooping.  I’m sad because I got zero flight time on World Hoop Day.  Mainly, it was because my husband and I were out all day procuring and installing rock and plants in our patio in celebration of our fourth wedding anniversary (fourth is flowers!).  Then, that night, we went to visit my in-laws in celebration of my MIL’s birthday.  I just barely got in my quota Sunday and Monday, but not yesterday… since Monday I was nearly late for work because I’d lost track of time.

Looks like on days I work, I will probably just take extra long walks.  I know I could squeeze it in after, in the hour or so before Ben gets home and I’d be forced to do it in the driveway (which I hate).  But I’m so exhausted after wrangling a bunch of kids, then sitting in an hour of rush hour traffic on the way home.

It’s more important that I walk the dog, though… since it gives her the opportunity to relieve herself and stave off boredom.  I’m a little sad, leaving her alone for hours at a time, but she seems fine.

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I don’t know whether it’s the timing, or the weather, or the light, or a combination of it all, but the first touch of autumn puts me straight into holiday mode.  It’s not like I’m throwing on the Christmas lights or the like… or even putting pumpkins out.  But it’s like I’ve slept through spring and summer.  And when I’ve awoke in this new season, I’m not quite sure whether I’m feeling nostalgic, or seasonal affective disorder.

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I’ve decided to “check in” every Wednesday. Back in the days when I was seeing Diane, I would check in every three months after my HbA1c and metabolic panel, but I think I need to have a frank conversation with myself on a regular basis because I need to see some progress, and I won’t see what’s happening unless I record it somewhere, and here’s as good as any.

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