Sep. 23rd, 2008 08:54 am
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I called Tony, who apparently was just the approval guy, who referred me back to the CMS office, which wasn't actually the office that is supposed to take care of my bills. CI is a totally different entity entirely. So I had to call the hospital back and have them bill CI, but when I tried to call the Emergency Transportation billing co, they said they needed a customer account number. So I called CI, which sent me to a machine that said this was for a different service, there's a new number now. So I called the new number, which asked for me to leave a message.

And then I called Neighborhood Healthcare (CMS, who'd billed me $2.3k) because I figured at least that would be a department that knew what CI was and probably could take care of my issue without needing an account number from CI. And their machine told me they would get back to me in approximately three business days.


In the meantime, I have to get myself and my car cleaned up and ready to pick up the RMX kits from Anita. Yes, they're the old school Lego robots, but apparently they are much easier to build than the new ones. The new ones are easier to program, but the old ones are fairly easy to program as well. About that, I AM SO EXCITED.

I am also super-excited about the prospect of directing the San Diego office! But more on that later.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 10:18 pm
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And now I've got a $2k bill from CMS. WTF?
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After reading about his acrylic and layered plexi method, I really wish I could see one of Ben Strawn's window box paintings in real life. I like them, anyway, but I suspect that having just a print won't do, for me... especially since they look so dated but have the texture of "contemporary" mediums.

Separately, I stayed for an extra hour and a half today to cover R-Zone. This resulted in a credit application and the selling of a $65 2-year buyer protection bundle, but an unintended consequence is that I missed the opportunity to call my CMS agent at Pomerado. Note to self: his Tuesday/Thursday hours are from 2-5p. Suck. Anyway, I left a message but said I'd be following up, so... yeah. Hopefully things work out okay. I'm antsy because my original CMS appointment was supposed to be this morning. I'm trying not to freak out too much about it since there's nothing I can do, but all I can think of is how broke I am until a week from tomorrow.

Well, okay, I'm not broke enough to cancel my unbirthday party on Sunday, but there is a good chance that the cake really is a lie.
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I've been to a group interview before. But that wasn't a group interview, that was a cattle call! There were something like thirty people in a very tiny office. We barely had a minute of face time with the Doc, and the woman we were corresponding with wasn't even there!!

The good news is, I'll know whether or not they picked me from the resume lottery by noon. Hopefully the guy remembers I know how to build a website and hires me on for that reason. There were so many people in the medical field there. A retired RN, a Ukranian MD.

Unlikely though.
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So, I'm in front of the Continental Airlines check-in at the Louis Armstrong airport in New Orleans, blogging on my allotted two hours of free internet because.... I can't get a hold of Stephie. She'd be coming from an hour away in Baton Rouge. I mean, I sent her my flight schedule, so I imagine she left already, if she didn't forget. I did call the land line and leave a message on her machine, and I tried the last two number she called from to no avail (it says "the wireless customer you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time").

She wasn't at the terminal (I think you need a ticket) or baggage claim and clearly isn't in the waiting area in front of baggage check.


::drums fingers::

Here's a bad camera phone picture of the sculpture I'm seated in front of, at present:

Good times, good times.

The flight from San Diego to Houston wasn't too eventful. I sat between a man and a woman, both of whom shut out the world with their iPods. I read another hundred-some pages of The Other Boleyn Girl, and it's trashy and Mary Sue-ish as all get out.

From Houston to New Orleans, however, I was sandwiched between an older, friendly gentleman who liked to talk a lot and had no concept of personal space, and a young, moderately attractive doctor-in-training. The older gentleman kept touching my arm and knee every time he got overly excited about a subject. The doctor-in-training gave me gum and asked me a lot of questions, and every time the older gentleman started in on issues like family planning and community and personal values, the doctor-in-training would turn to me and comment that it was difficult to meet a nice woman you'd want to settle down with when you're studying medicine.

After I picked up my luggage, I tried calling Stephie, and then when I couldn't get a hold of her, I called Ben to tell him what's up. Then I tried looking for Stephie again, and then I made this lj post.

And that has been my trip, thus far. Promising of adventure.

In the meantime, I am starving. The in-flight meal wasn't terribly satisfying. I'm going to try and find food and then see if I can't page Stephanie.

roll call

Nov. 27th, 2007 09:51 am
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large grey male hamster with white stripe across bum.

chu chu
medium orange/black-tipped male teddy bear longhair hamster.

silver female mouse.

tan female mouse.

white female mouse.

polly jean
very small black mouse with white stripe across bum.

dark brownish-grey mouse with white stripe across bum.

i'm calling in a couple of hours late to work, today. polly jean seems to have sustained a tail injury from when she escaped and fully freaked out robyn, last night. she bled all over the wheel in the little cage but looks to be alive and possibly nurse-able so i'm taking her to the vet. :(

it's the second time i've had an out-of-my-territory escapee, so i will be investing in a glass aquarium with a wire mesh lid. ::crosses fingers:: mouse-catraz.

edit: went to petco and was offered an exchange or a refund. mary said they might take polly to the vet, but i really suspect polly is snake bait, now. i almost wish i insisted on seeing their in-store vet, but i have to be at work in about an hour and... well, it would just be troublesome for all humans involved. i hate that i have to rationalize whether or not to save a life because, in dollars, it's less than the cost of a cup of coffee. i also hate that i'm a little more upset over polly than i was over sugar or cokie just because... well, white mice are far easier to come by. :(

presently, all my mice are of comparable size, and i want to believe that won't warrant me getting a tank because their current cage is much better ventilated and easier to clean. i think russell might have an aquarium that he used to keep his rats in, so maybe i could just ask if i could have his. :\

Two things

May. 24th, 2007 10:36 am
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1) I have done severe injury to Mia (my powerbook, not [ profile] pixystickninja). I am torn about how to feel about this. On the one hand, I am bummed because my powerbook has sort of become this extension of myself. I also feel almost like no one should ever entrust me with any sort of expensive equipment ever. (I'm such a terrible klutz! There are noticeable dents on my poor guitar, I once knocked a bucket of dye all over Katie's kitchen floor, I've backed my car into a pole and rear-ended somebody, I spilled boiling water on myself and had to wear a body cast from just under my armpits to just above my knee, I spilled pomegranate juice all over my pants right before a presentation, I sliced off a bit of my finger with a hobby knife while modifying a doll-- grant it, it was mostly just a callus and only bled a little bit... the list goes on. I mean, obviously this didn't happen all in one day, and given the distribution of these occurrences, I'm not really that much of a klutz, but I'm sure there are other people with a better track record.) On the other hand, despite it being kind of a pain in the patoot to check my e-mail and do research on someone else's computer, it has been oddly liberating not being connected to the internet 24/8. Fortunately, [ profile] oiseaurobyn is letting me use a loaner. And offered to give Mia a look-see. Because she is awesome.

2) [ profile] maddeningshroud, you've been remarkably calm and level-headed. If it's mostly a ruse, please feel free to call me up and rant a bit, 'cause people who smile that much are apt to snap, eventually.
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Dear Katherine,
Here is your horoscope
for Wednesday, March 21:

Some people look at the big picture and immediately think a situation's hopeless. You, instead, realize what the end game is, figure out what's needed to get there and tackle issues one by one.


The Ace of Pentacles card suggests that my power today lies in assets or seeds. I have everything I need to co-create my own reality. I have value and I matter. I am empowered to nurture and tend to my own garden of purpose. I bring new life into the world.


Separately, I've consumed so many energy drinks and sodas my pancreas f***ing hates me. I'm going to be diabetic.

1.5 pages down. 3.5 pages to go. I want to sleep so badly. This is worse than last week. Someone is going to have to carry me home.
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and yet still have the time to look at stuff like this when I really need to be working.

Oh farking shirt. It's already NINE?



Mar. 12th, 2007 07:12 am
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Lloyd the plumber is supposed to visit this afternoon to give us an estimate on the damage being caused by the tree growing out of the base of our toilet.

That, in fact, be a root, and not a crack.

What does this mean?

Well, for me, it means I won't have a car tonight because, instead of going to the club and letting me have the car to port myself to rehearsal as usual, my dad is taking it home.

And I'm still not done with my pres. And I still feel like horking.

I hope so.

Mar. 12th, 2007 05:04 am
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The Three of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in celebration. I am not alone. I embrace the pleasure of the moment and share the beauty and joy of a common bond within my sisterhood. I am empowered by inclusion and my gift is spontaneous rapture.

I'm going to assume this will all be after 3pm today.

I feel like horking.

Yay, Monday. :(
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Well, the good news is Mike and I have solidified two new songs at yesterday's morning mini-rehearsal. (Also, when you google Pure Yellow Colour, we are now the number one hit. We are also the number one hit for pure yellow color music. And something like the fourth or fifth for pure yellow color band Now if we could just be the number one hit for pure yellow color, that would really rock. At any rate, please to be checking out our freshly launched gossamer.)

The bad news is, our March 16th Twiggs date has been CANCELED.

As of yet, this has not been reflected on the site because we still plan to do something that week... but we're no longer playing Twiggs because apparently they've decided they're actually going to respect the "no live music" clause, which their landlords have been overlooking for who knows how long. I keep vacillating from feeling okay about it to feeling terrible about it. I mean, it's not the end of the world, but I promised music to Rachel and Bryce, who are flying in from way out of town. They are getting music even if it means sitting around the living room. It's just... we've already done the sitting around in the living room thing.... albeit they haven't really heard PYC and the songs I write with Mike have a different dynamic and complexity than the songs I write alone. But still, I wanted to perform at a real venue. I want to perform at a real venue.

Separately, at home, we had to turn off the water completely because there is a tree growing out of our downstairs toilet. )

After rehearsal I met with my electech2 class, sans Steve. We were slated to meet for two hours to prototype though we wound up staying for three and a half. I really like John. I mean, I like all of our group, but I feel like John is solid. I mean, in a group collaboration, I hate it when people are too imposing, but I hate it even more when people are too wishy washy. And I know a lot of the time I can be indecisive, but I don't think I am so much that it becomes counterproductive, especially when it's a team effort. I feel more driven to act and make decisions when there are other people depending on me. Unfortunately, I'm not very self-driven. But working with John has so far been satisfying, and I like that even when we disagree, it never feels like we're butting heads.

Ultimately, Huong and I spent seven hours on task, though much of that time was spent driving around Clairemont in search of materials for our project. And stopping for bubble tea. But anyway.

We dropped by Gateway Electronics to pick up some blacklight LEDs. It's been said that if you're a cute girl and act completely helpless, you could potentially flirt your way into a discount on bulk materials. )

And that was my Very Long Saturday. Today, I expound upon my introductory youth education program on contemporary New Media Art practices.

Tomorrow, I go back to BVH to make the proposal.

I am totally scared. )


Feb. 22nd, 2007 01:37 pm
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I know, I know, everybody's going to die. But I feel like I'm having one of those soon-ish spells.

Separately, there is going to be a Taiko drumming workshop at Mandeville tomorrow, at 2: "Get a private lesson from America’s premiere, emerging, young taiko drumming group, Taikoproject. No experience is required, and all students who attend will get hands on experience making music with the drums, so come prepared to play!" More info at

Okay, well, I guess I better high tail it to class.

::head explodes::
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On a related but not really related note, I have about an hour to remember 20 typewritten pages of notes on Pacific Islander art and Northwest Coast Native art, but I'm in the VAF working on the project for the subsequent final, which is slightly more important. I'm screwedydoodydood.


Nov. 18th, 2006 06:14 pm
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I hate my life.

This has nothing to do with the guitar.
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Well, Paul's dead.

I ran down the street to get him a new set of strings, spent like an hour restringing him, and wondered why he wasn't staying in tune. The screw that had been keeping the I-dunno-whatcha-call-it in place ripped through the bottom of the guitar.

And since it was a $1 ebay guitar, there's no coverage. So there goes my $1 (+$26 ridiculously padded s&h fee +$5 Martin strings).

I figure I could probably bust out the Dremel and putty or something to try and fix the damage, but again, I don't feel like investing that much effort into it, especially now that I'm certain I want an actual Martin... possibly the classical, 'cause I hear it's a good compromise in terms of tone quality, and I don't mind the wider neck 'cause learned on a classical, so.


Oh, snap.

Nov. 18th, 2006 09:33 am
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So they were just crappy strings. The G string broke. :P
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Dear Katherine,
Here is your horoscope for
Thursday, November 2:

Head, heart and a sense of connection: You've got it all in balance right now. Just add a little intellectual energy to the current mix of influences and you've got the recipe for success.

Yeah, that's never been more wrong. At least in terms of academia. I knocked back a 16 oz. can of Juiced!Rockstar, loaded my fakepod with [ profile] nebyoolae's guitar tracks, and sang all the way to school, but I'm most definitely going to fail my acoustics midterm. It's like 9th grade math, I.B. U.S. History, and Cell and Molecular Bio, all over again. I know my body was in the classroom when the lecture was happening, but my head was somewhere else. (Tahiti, maybe. Borneo.) And I know I was looking at the words and charts and graphs and turning the pages, but nothing's registering. If only I had an emotional attachment to acoustics that would cause me to obsess over that.

T-52 minutes to failure.
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Thanks to [ profile] nebyoolae, I have a 35-icon potential. This has been true since the end of August, otherwise known as the 24th anniversary of the day I cursed the world with my existence. And yet, I have not been taking full advantage of it, even after having previously whined about not being able to upgrade to the 100 icons from a freebie account, since all I really want are the icons.

Pulling petals from the daisy. Don't speak the parentheticals. Lyrics. Paper. Model. Problem Set. Lyrics. Paper. Model. Problem Set. Lyrics.

There used to be a time.. around my first quarter at UCSD.. when I could totally function on 0-2 hours of sleep and a double-shot of espresso. As long as it only happened once a week, I was good.

Not so much, anymore.

Need. To. Stay. Awake. Until. Friday.

And it's only Wednesday. Fcuk.

The good news is, Mom's supposed to come home from the hospital today. )


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