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Monday afternoon, I began what's supposed to be roughly a 40 minute drive to Temecula to visit Katie so that we could have dinner and catch up a little after her road trip. In the distance, I see what I assume are clouds, until traffic begins to slow and it turns out that the oddly shaped clouds are actually plumes of smoke from a brush fire on the southbound side of the I-15. The splash of red in the picture is not actually fire, but brightly colored retardant being dumped from a small plane.

Before you get on me for taking photos on my cell phone while I should have been focused driving in a kind of scary situation, the majority of the action involved in taking and sending this picture and the accompanying text message was accomplished through voice command, and I kept my eyes scanning the road. Technology is neat. The future is now. Which could explain why the World of Tomorrow exhibit that was at Disneyland the last time Ben and I went was kind of disappointing... because it didn't seem so much like the future as some rich guy's house in the present.

Anyway, Katie wound up arriving after me, anyway, because the lady who was supposed to give her the keys to her classroom was let off early.

We had dinner at the Lazy Dog. There was a beautiful husky and a sweet German shepherd in the patio and I wanted to hug them both but I didn't. We ate inside. Since it was happy hour, we ordered a pitcher of raspberry moscato sangria. I managed not to trip all over myself when we finished it. We walked the buzz off around the mall.

Fortunately, by the time I had to head home, the fire was contained enough that they left two southbound lanes open, but Waze directed me to a side street that magically routed me around all the fire traffic and I was back in town earlier than anticipated, so I picked up some donuts from Peterson's on the way home. Turned out that Bob and Ben, who get off work around the same time, wound up having dinner together, too, though Bob logged on to Waze half-way through my drive, so I did not see him.


Oct. 23rd, 2007 12:55 pm
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i'm just posting to say that i'm indeed not dead. i spent the morning and early part of the afternoon camped out at my parents' house. then i got bored and wound up heading over to josh's to play some guitar hero 3 (yes, the official version, not just the demo, 'cause ben managed to snag a copy of it for the weekend and the weekend ran long, for him). ben and i crashed here, last night. he headed back to mira mesa about an hour ago. i'm still at josh's because the fire is about 6 miles away from my parents' place and they may or may not voluntarily evacuate to coronado.

i've had a pretty weird weekend. i'd elaborate but right now i think i'd prefer to just stick gh2 in the xbox and play jessica until my fingers are numb, or something.
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Russell and I walked over to the Capri Blue for lunch, today. It was totally Silent Hill, outside.

My outfit is all smoky now. :(

Freaking scary brush fires. It's a ways east of here, but still... kinda scary. According to Maggie, the evacuation point is Poway HS, so we're still okay. So far.


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