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I'm taking a free ceramics class. This is what I learned, today. )

I think it is roughly 80% of what was discussed in lecture today. I believe somewhere in my notes include chemical formulas and boiling points and a few other reasons why clay cracks and what makes it stronger, but I can't remember it off the top of my head. There was also something about the Chinese and pirates and spies and Spode modifying the recipe for porcelain with ash from animal bones (hence the name bone China). Kaolinite, kaolin. Primary and secondary clay. Iron as colorant and flux. Basically, class started with Jurassic Park and ended with Antiques Roadshow.

I can't remember any of this from the class I paid for at SWC. We were shown how to build a coil, told to maintain uniform thickness and moisture, told which glaze to use and not to get any on the bottom, and that was it. No science. Just "do this and you'll get this."

Some of the other students thought this teacher went a bit overboard with the science, but I think it's interesting. I think enough stuck with me such that I won't suffer from silicosis or an exploding kiln due to carelessness.

It would be so much easier to stick to sculpting with two-part epoxy, but this is pretty interesting, too. And food-safe.

Next week, we make a sushi plate.
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I want to pin my thoughts neatly to an entry but they keep drifting, or else when I start to write chronologically, I feel I am capturing the wrong ones. I keep trying to tell myself I don't need to remember everything, but I have this obsession. Like Anaïs Nin's labyrinth... that fear that something would get lost. It seems ridiculous it should come back in full force after such a long absence, but at the same time it makes a little sense. So much gained, so much lost. So much longing for old comfortable things.

Last night, I started a paper journal in one of a stack of composition books I bought on clearance when I was still working at Toys R Us. Sometimes I enjoy just the physical act of writing. In the fourth or fifth grade, I read a poem likening the act of writing in a notebook to planting a garden. I barely remember anything except that gist of it, but it stuck with me. I think another reason I started writing in it yesterday was because it was 1/10/2010 and I like the way the numbers looked. I like today's date, as well.

Today, I did not stay up after waking up (staying up being something I am trying to work into my routine). Instead, I snuggled back into the covers and finished reading the last chapter of The Happiness Project. Then I got up, made Ben lunch, groomed myself for the day, got my papers prepared, then checked the no-appointment wait time at the DMV. Only after I got to hour three of waiting did it occur to me that the wait time meant how long you would have to wait after getting a number. And the line for a number was two hours long... because apparently the Escondido DMV is temporarily closed.

It made me see the folly in not scheduling appointments shortly after being wed. At the same time, I've been prolonging the name change because... well, I like my maiden name, and somewhere deep inside I don't think it's very fair that a woman has to take the man's name. To be fair, I ultimately chose to take Ben's name, because I love him and taking it seemed to mean something to him. Also, we were pretty sure our respective families would have thrown a fit if we'd adopted the name Zul'Zorander. And merging our names to become Petoria was out of the question.

So... yeah... stuck at the DMV from 10 am to 2:30 pm. Fortunately I thought to bring a Kellogg snack bar with me, or else I'm sure I would have had a low. Not fun. I'd brought a book and my paper journal, so it would have been bearable except the first half of my wait was spent outside in the hot sun. It was too bright and the book was heavy and trying to write while standing in line would have been awkward, so I resorted to standing in silence and watching people. There was one man who looked like he could have been a silent film star. There was a girl who looked like 30-year-old Mila Kunis with an afro.

Anyway, afterwards I went to the neighboring Wal*mart just because I was there and I almost never go to Wal*mart anymore. I had kind of missed scouring the toy section... but I haven't really looked at toys with the same zeal after quitting Toys R Us, and the appeal has only been dwindling since My Little Pony went into G3.5 mode and decided to focus only on their Core 7. The toy section today was disappointingly barren (but that could only be expected after the holiday reset).

I still have not yet purchased my Junko Mizuno pony. I guess I was kind of hoping I'd get her for my birthday (late) or Christmas. Since it didn't happen, I'm waiting until after I'd culled the herd to order. Hopefully that won't be too late.

At around 3:30, I was not feeling like going to Miramar for counseling, plus I couldn't remember whether the counseling center closed at 4 or 5, so I just went home. I guess it's alright, though, because I looked at their website and found contact info for specific certificate programs, which I think is probably what I would have gotten anyway had I gone into their general counseling center.

After that, I had a long think about consolidating my e-mail addresses to another account. It's something I've been putting off doing for a while, now... but everything is so nicely labeled in my current account. And I hate the fact that I have so many aliases I don't even use. It's like digital clutter. I've been culling a lot of that, too.

SO... it looks like tomorrow I will be sending out e-mails and resumes. And pricing down ponies for sale.
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It figures that the one morning in forever I decide to wear eye make-up, scant and hastily applied as it is, I also decide to listen to NPR on the way to school. I know, the news is rarely ever happy: neutral, at best. I didn't think it would make me tear up, though. Topics covered on my 45-minute commute: how information technologies play a role in the efficacy of terrorist academies, the ecological and lifestyle impacts of Nigerian gas flaring, and prison overpopulation.

I started listening to NPR shortly after Josh programmed KCRW on my car radio but continued listening because of CAT. CAT, by the by, stands Culture, Art, Technology. It is a sequence that is a graduation requirement for my college. It consists of a tri-quarter writing sequence (not required for transfers), the practicum, and the practicum writing course (which I am taking now). My college, Sixth College (cross your fingers, Steve Colbert), is relatively new, and therefore CAT is in kittenhood. The program is barely defined. I gather, though, that the true aim of the course-- which they completely talk around because it's a reflective writing course and if they actually said it in the way I am about to put it, it sounds like The Borg-- is to create a better global citizen.

It's not The Borg... It's not assimilation, it's about community awareness and social conscience.

Anyway, I was in the car with my dad, and they started talking about how California prisons had 35,000 more prisoners than they were equipped to handle, and how medical treatment was unavailable, and that denying one medical treatment constituted cruel and unusual punishment so releasing some offenders is being considered. My dad, who I know has the potential to be a sensitive and understanding person on an individual, sort of case-by-case level, scoffed, "Send them to Nigeria."

I didn't say anything, but I felt kind of like I'd been slapped for thinking what I was thinking, which was "What about reform? Preventative measures?" In a minute or so, my mind had wandered into the realm of the potential processes and events that lead to one ending up imprisoned. The ephemera of living, the odds and ends of events and interactions that collect in one's consciousness, that consciousness itself, the culmination of an individual.

I hate how some people think that just because something can be broken down into elements that the elements are the answers. Nothing is truly extricable from the aggregate.

I had more to say about personal responsibility and politics and CAT and the whole Youtubed democratic "debate," but to be honest, this was bothering me a whole lot more about half an hour ago, before I had my sun-dried tomato frittata. Oh tomato. Oh broccoli. Oh olive and feta. At this point, the possibility of this completely becoming the thoughtful entry it had started to be has dissolved.

Note to self: no more contemplation of serious issues before breakfast. =_=;;
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51. What is the most powerful part of this album?
a) the drum solo
b) the part where Ringo plays alone
c) the soloistic drumline
d) the drum solo

I am so serious. That was really question 51.

My degree audit is now updated to reflect I've completed my AHI requirement. So really, given I pass this quarter and CAT125 this summer, I'm done.

Holy crap.

I rented my gown/bought my cap-n-tassel, yesterday. The tassel is teal.

I am still sore all over. Less sore than yesterday, but sore, nonetheless.
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1) Still editing audio. The good news is, I finished clipping all of the student narration down to manageable, mix-n-matchable bits. The bad news is, I still have to organize it and equalize it and have it all in a nice tidy package by 3:30. Or, I'd like to have it all done by then. I still have my emergency back-up mix, but I want the a better one to be used. I mean, technically I have 'til Monday for a final but I was hoping I wouldn't have to tweak it anymore after Andrea gives it a listen.

2) Re: hamster. Heh, his name is Tom. I don't think you realized you were all voting for which Tom he was being named after. That is, fictional ex-boybander-cum-hottie-record-producer, virtuosic-bass-player-cum-prolific-electronica-artist, fictional proto-evil-villain, actor, fictional troublemaker, or what have you. Though I suppose you're welcome to call him whatever you like for whatever reason. (Clearly the LOST fans have come out.) I never actually addressed JD directly as JD, despite that officially being his name. I frequently called him "Nugget."

3) At risk of smelling conflicted today, I dabbed a drop of four different BPALs right now (a different one on each wrist/inside of my elbow). They be: Desire, Hellcat, Crow Moon, and Tigerlily. Although I thought I would dislike Desire based on its wet smell, it actually came out quite lovely. They all did, in a different way. Desire is sort of warm and sweet. Hellcat comes out predominantly almondy, with something sharp at first, and then mostly sweet. Crow Moon smells rather green and fresh, kind of like a happier, more vibrant version of City in the Sea. I think I would like to hunt down a bottle of this, or hoard imps, or something. The throw is very good. Tigerlily is a lot more subtle than I thought it would be, and I think were I to apply the amount I normally apply, it would probably be perfect. I think it might go well layered on top of Crow Moon.

And that is all.
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Yesterday, at least in-class, we didn't really do much in the way of Oasis. Our instructions were to make Hanimals, and then afterwards discuss what kind of oasis or general environment these animals would live in/draw it. We never actually got to part 2, but that's okay. It was fun.

A third of the college students in attendance were from the Teacher Education Program, so they weren't actually in on the themed installation aspect of the project- they were there for kids hours. Thus, we weren't exactly strict about what kind of animals to do...

...although, aren't there warm-weather penguins in Africa? I think Wayne Newton has penguins in his Las Vegas home menagerie. Anyway, the above is on the arm of one of the TEP students.

+4 )
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The good news is: the Beatles midterm was a ridiculously easy A. I think the worst possible grade I could have gotten was a C, and that was if I'd never gone to lecture. Thanks, mom!

The bad news is: I still have to write a lousy paper. Fortunately, it's relatively short, and I can do it on Tori Amos (i.e. Tori v. Beatles).
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1) Thanks for your concern. The presentation was passable (probably better than I think... it's too soon after to tell and I tend to make things worse than they are). That I'd not eaten and slept very little, in combination with the nauseating bus ride to campus and impending monthiness, left me feeling sick and panicky. It's long been over and I'm still a bit queasy. I want to go home.

2) I haven't even received my imps yet and I'm a total addict. ) I must pose a question to my fellow addicts... what bath products do you use prior to application? Do you ever have a conflict of fragrance?

3) I've got to come up with more creative titles.
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Dear Katherine,
Here is your horoscope
for Wednesday, March 21:

Some people look at the big picture and immediately think a situation's hopeless. You, instead, realize what the end game is, figure out what's needed to get there and tackle issues one by one.


The Ace of Pentacles card suggests that my power today lies in assets or seeds. I have everything I need to co-create my own reality. I have value and I matter. I am empowered to nurture and tend to my own garden of purpose. I bring new life into the world.


Separately, I've consumed so many energy drinks and sodas my pancreas f***ing hates me. I'm going to be diabetic.

1.5 pages down. 3.5 pages to go. I want to sleep so badly. This is worse than last week. Someone is going to have to carry me home.
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Carry out from Pickup Stix: $23.13

Beverages, cups, ice, and snackage from Ralphs: $15.94

Pulling an all-nighter in the VAF Electronics Lab: Priceless.

Also priceless: fortune cookies.

These are the "naked" units in action:

Robert was a doll and lent us his camera in case the thing decided never to work again. Did I mention I ♥ Robert? Because I do.

Sooo tired. Sooo caffienated. I hope my lack of sleep does not cause an error in judgment that results in the entire display crashing down from 14' in the air. That would suck. Or be totally awesome. I'm not exactly sure at the moment.



Mar. 12th, 2007 07:12 am
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Lloyd the plumber is supposed to visit this afternoon to give us an estimate on the damage being caused by the tree growing out of the base of our toilet.

That, in fact, be a root, and not a crack.

What does this mean?

Well, for me, it means I won't have a car tonight because, instead of going to the club and letting me have the car to port myself to rehearsal as usual, my dad is taking it home.

And I'm still not done with my pres. And I still feel like horking.
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Well, the good news is Mike and I have solidified two new songs at yesterday's morning mini-rehearsal. (Also, when you google Pure Yellow Colour, we are now the number one hit. We are also the number one hit for pure yellow color music. And something like the fourth or fifth for pure yellow color band Now if we could just be the number one hit for pure yellow color, that would really rock. At any rate, please to be checking out our freshly launched gossamer.)

The bad news is, our March 16th Twiggs date has been CANCELED.

As of yet, this has not been reflected on the site because we still plan to do something that week... but we're no longer playing Twiggs because apparently they've decided they're actually going to respect the "no live music" clause, which their landlords have been overlooking for who knows how long. I keep vacillating from feeling okay about it to feeling terrible about it. I mean, it's not the end of the world, but I promised music to Rachel and Bryce, who are flying in from way out of town. They are getting music even if it means sitting around the living room. It's just... we've already done the sitting around in the living room thing.... albeit they haven't really heard PYC and the songs I write with Mike have a different dynamic and complexity than the songs I write alone. But still, I wanted to perform at a real venue. I want to perform at a real venue.

Separately, at home, we had to turn off the water completely because there is a tree growing out of our downstairs toilet. )

After rehearsal I met with my electech2 class, sans Steve. We were slated to meet for two hours to prototype though we wound up staying for three and a half. I really like John. I mean, I like all of our group, but I feel like John is solid. I mean, in a group collaboration, I hate it when people are too imposing, but I hate it even more when people are too wishy washy. And I know a lot of the time I can be indecisive, but I don't think I am so much that it becomes counterproductive, especially when it's a team effort. I feel more driven to act and make decisions when there are other people depending on me. Unfortunately, I'm not very self-driven. But working with John has so far been satisfying, and I like that even when we disagree, it never feels like we're butting heads.

Ultimately, Huong and I spent seven hours on task, though much of that time was spent driving around Clairemont in search of materials for our project. And stopping for bubble tea. But anyway.

We dropped by Gateway Electronics to pick up some blacklight LEDs. It's been said that if you're a cute girl and act completely helpless, you could potentially flirt your way into a discount on bulk materials. )

And that was my Very Long Saturday. Today, I expound upon my introductory youth education program on contemporary New Media Art practices.

Tomorrow, I go back to BVH to make the proposal.

I am totally scared. )
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On a related but not really related note, I have about an hour to remember 20 typewritten pages of notes on Pacific Islander art and Northwest Coast Native art, but I'm in the VAF working on the project for the subsequent final, which is slightly more important. I'm screwedydoodydood.
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Dear Katherine,
Here is your horoscope for
Thursday, November 2:

Head, heart and a sense of connection: You've got it all in balance right now. Just add a little intellectual energy to the current mix of influences and you've got the recipe for success.

Yeah, that's never been more wrong. At least in terms of academia. I knocked back a 16 oz. can of Juiced!Rockstar, loaded my fakepod with [ profile] nebyoolae's guitar tracks, and sang all the way to school, but I'm most definitely going to fail my acoustics midterm. It's like 9th grade math, I.B. U.S. History, and Cell and Molecular Bio, all over again. I know my body was in the classroom when the lecture was happening, but my head was somewhere else. (Tahiti, maybe. Borneo.) And I know I was looking at the words and charts and graphs and turning the pages, but nothing's registering. If only I had an emotional attachment to acoustics that would cause me to obsess over that.

T-52 minutes to failure.
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do they play music in Peterson between classes?
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Last night, while waiting for Jeff to show up, I wrote a long rambling entry detailing my anxiety and how the smell of the peanut butter snackies Scruffy-Rock-Out-With-Your-Cock-Out-Boy indulged in had been making my stomach turn. However, most of that feeling dissipated upon Jeff's arrival, as his absent-mindedness and self-deprecating charm were oddly comforting. Scruffy asked Jeff why he was dressed up (when I first had him, Jeff regularly appeared in jeans and flannel work shirts), to which Jeff immediately replied, "Why are you dressed like a bum?"

I considered grouping with Scruffy, as he seemed like a promising team member/group leader, but joined with another group instead. I am working with Nikkolai, who is intimidatingly driven, Jess, who is not quite as driven but thoughtful and talented (we took 40 together), and Linda, who, like me, seems to be content to merely carry out whatever task is handed to her. I am unofficially responsible for developing a soundtrack, but my work can't really start until I've looked at some conceptual models. I'm just thrilled I don't have to be the one responsible for grappling with Lingo.

Thankfully, I didn't spend all night afterwards struggling through problem sets that would take the ordinary non-mathematically-challenged person maybe a couple of hours. I found my old homework. YAY.

Instead, I spent all night awake thinking about... well, things. See, Michelle Weihe died. )


May. 8th, 2006 08:06 pm
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It was exactly as bad as I anticipated. All that sleep lost for nothing. I have a month, and all the time to focus on just this one thing to make it great and grand and at least a little functional and still I feel screwed.

blood shot gun fire fly trap door bell boy friend ship load star fish eye ball point blank space craft work

On the bright side, Ana Voog posted a load of mp3s. As far as I know, she's out of print and I've been deathly curious so this came at a good time. I don't know what I was expecting, but I am digging it.
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Dear Katherine,
Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, April 25:

Don't try and tackle this thing all at once. Break a seemingly impossible task down into micro-steps, then focus on each one rather than the end goal. Pay attention to the process and you'll be fine.

Anyone know of a good learning resource for programming in machine language?

Additionally, ones for representing numbers in binary and hexidecimal? I am rusty. Well not so much rusty as I completely glazed over when we went over it for Programming in C++. I mean, we never used it.

I wonder..

Mar. 14th, 2006 08:31 am
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if Dad realizes that by parking in the back he deprives me of a direct route to a restroom and caf.

I think he means well because technically it's closer to campus. But. It's near housing and not much else. I have to shuttle to anywhere useful.

I am crazy thirsty. And starving. Work first.

I have to make three sets of textures and test 'em before the next class needs this room.

I sense this might be another chronic posting day. I didn't get much sleep last night. And yet, I didn't make much headway on my electronics final, either. So dead.
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Can hardly believe it's 9th week.

By next week, I will have to..

-figure out how to feed the phone network's audio signal to the light.. erm.. "modulator"

-edit out the bookshelves and walkmeshes from corner and side walls

-import/re-edit/export all textures

-find out where the heck they keep the freaking placeables on NWN, else, model a new set of lobby furniture

I think I can do all that on Sunday (by "all that" I mean the NWN modding shiznit)... my mojo is so groovin'. I'm on it. I think I can do most of the retexturing at home, too.

Tiffany and Sara are taking PftA II. Woot! I'm no longer quite as apprehensive about having signed up for it, even though we all pretty much have this "I don't know what the hell I'm doing" vibe going on. We're writing an API. ::laughs hysterically::

The way Tiffany enunciates certain words reminds me of my sister. Heh.


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